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Discover Your  Colors

Did you know that there are colors that enhance your natural beauty? 

There are also colors that compete with your natural beauty, and even drain it away.

Personal color analysis is so much more than finding colors that look good on you. It’s a way to bring out the beauty you already have within, curates a wardrobe that makes you feel confident and simplifies your daily routine.

Let's find the best colors for you!

 +  RELAX  +                  +  LEARN  +                  +  HAVE FUN  +

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Embrace the allure of your best colors!

  • Do you find it difficult to choose flattering colors?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by wardrobe and makeup choices?

  • Do you feel uncertain about what colors suit you?


A TCI color analysis from Color Coated can help provide you with personalized guidance and insights to help you make informed choices about colors that enhance your natural features and elevate your style.

What’s Included

personal color analysis

Color Analysis

We evaluate the colors found in your natural features, predominantly your skin, to determine your specific harmony.

makeup color analysis

Makeup Tutorial

During your session, we’ll perform a simple makeup application, suggestions, and links in your seasonal tone.


Color Swatch Book

Your consultation comes with a complimentary archival-quality canvas swatch book color tool and cover with your 65+ perfect colors.

Finding colors that look good on you can be hard. Explore feedback from these clients and hear their experience!

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"My sister and I had the best time at our consultation with Meriah! She was so friendly, extremely knowledgeable and explained the whole process to us as we went along. I wish I would have done this sooner! It was a blast and has made my outfit selection and shopping so much easier. If you are thinking about doing a color analysis- DO IT!"

"Meriah was amazing! I went in to this session knowing very little about colors and she educated us throughout the entire experience! It was very informative, and she was so friendly and knowledgeable! She also took the time to share about makeup colors and application, as well as answer some hair (color/highlights) questions. I walked out with a GREAT swatch, some makeup links, and a lot of useful color knowledge! Highly recommend Meriah and the TCI method!"



$275/person for 2+ people



(under 14, makeup/swatch book not included)​


Gentleman​'s PCA - $225
TCI Certified Color Analyst

The TCI Method

What makes a color harmonious or disharmonious with an individual is whether or not they share the same color dimensions.

The 12-Tone TCI Method of Color Analysis evaluates your color based on the Munsell Color System, which identifies three color dimensions: hue, chroma and value.

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