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Meet Meriah


Welcome! I'm Meriah, a Spring turned True Autumn who has a fire inside to help others find their true colors! I found color analysis in 2017 when I was evaluated using the 4-season method and was typed a Spring. I lived that way for 5 years, embracing all the high chroma colors, but had some lingering questions about how color analysis worked.


I traveled to Dallas in 2021 to learn more about TCI and got my colors done by a TCI Certified Color Analyst. I was SHOCKED when she said I was a True Autumn! I was taken by surprise, even had a hard time soaking it all in but the harmony was undeniable!


Though I love the colors of Spring, the 100% warmth of Spring resonates with the 100% warm of True Autumn, looking back I can see that the high chroma of Spring colors were overpowering and "stole the show" from my natural features! 


This experience fueled that fire inside, and I am committed to helping others find the colors that enhance their natural beauty, instead of hide it away. So, in 2022 I trained to become a TCI Certified Personal Color Analyst and later that year became the first to offer this service in the Lincoln, Nebraska.


I firmly believe the True Colour International Method is the most highly accurate color analysis approach in the world and I hope to be part of your color journey! 

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