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Human coloration is diverse, beautiful, and affected by our undertones and our natural skin pigmentation.  Personal color analysis is the practice of evaluating that color setting present in your hair, skin, and eyes. By evaluating these areas, we determine your three dimension then pair you with one of the 12 tones (often referred to as a season) and a color palette made up of colors with the same color profile as you! The traditional color analysis focused on four true seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. People were categorized as either a cool season: Winter and Summer (colors with blue undertones) or warm season: Autumn and Spring (colors with yellow undertones). We now know that 2/3 of human beings need neither warm, nor cool colors to compliment their natural color harmony. The majority of people need colors which are found between in the neutral tones.

Enter the TCI Method
The True Colour International method of personal color analysis includes 8 neutral tones (cool/neutral and warm/neutral). These new tones are found in between the original 4 seasons. All together, the TCI 12 Tones encompass the full range of colors found in all human beings.


These new tones represent 12 distinct areas of colour and are distinguished from one another based on the three dimensions of colour; hue, value and chroma.

HUE (Temperature): Do you need warm (yellow undertones), cool (blue undertones), or neutral (yellow/blue undertones)?

VALUE: Do you need light, dark or colours in between these two extremes?

CHROMA: Are colours with brightness and saturation better or do you need colours that are more soft and muted?


The TCI Method is based on the science of natural colour harmony, accurate interpretation of the Munsell colour system, full- spectrum light theory, human physiology and psychology. No wonder it’s so good!

  • Over 1800 colours

  • Encompasses the full realm of colour 

  • Offers provable, reliable and repeatable testing processes

  • Provides distinctive, measurable and identifiable hues 

  • A world community of colour tones

  • Premium quality personal colour palettes

  • 65-70 hues in each tone 

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  • Accuracy – your colour samples are measured using a spectrophotometer and are the most sophisticated and accurate available in the world.

  • We are the personal colour specialists – you receive advanced, accurate and a personalised colour services.

  • Great reputation and results – we pride ourselves on providing a professional and reliable service in all aspects of business. We look after our clients and are rewarded through consistent recommendations.

  • Courses and training provided by a certified personal colour specialist .

  • Certified analysts for all your PCA needs.

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