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Frequently Asked Questions


Will my wardrobe become limited after my evaluation?

While it is very likely your closet contains many things that do not make you look your best, this evaluation is more about moving forward. It will give you insight into what colors work with your skin tones and coloring so that your next shopping trip easy.


Does color analysis need to happen in person?

Yes! Virtual evaluations are dependent on undependable screen colors. Full spectrum controlled lighting and environment can significantly change the results. Accurate TCI testing tools and a trained and certified will give you the most accurate analysis. Accurate results will save you time and money in the long run.


If I've had my colors done in the past...why should I get reevaluated?

The TCI 12 Method will be able to further pinpoint the exact colors and hues that are right for you.  Your colour samples are measured using a spectrophotometer and are the most sophisticated and accurate available in the world. More than likely, you fall somewhere between seasons.

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