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Discover your Colors

Did you know that there are colors that enhance your natural beauty? 

There are also colors that compete with your natural beauty,

and even drain it away.

Discover Your  Colors

What makes a color harmonious or disharmonious with an individual is whether or not they share the same color dimensions.

The 12-Tone TCI Method of Color Analysis evaluates your color based on the Munsell Color System, which identifies three color dimensions: hue, chroma and 

Understanding how nature organizes color, the TCI Method of personal color analysis includes 8 neutral tonal spaces (4 cool-neutral and 4 warm-neutral).  These new tones are found in between the original 4 seasons. Altogether, the TCI 12 Tones encompass the full range of colors found in all human beings. 
12 Tone Color Chart
Color analysis with a client
Badge for TCI Certified Color Analyst
When you come in for an analysis, we evaluate the colors found in your natural features, predominantly your skin, to determine your specific harmony and then partner you with a color palette of 65+ beautifully harmonious colors! 
Meriah working choosing colors for a client
Color range chart
Color range picker
Each of the 12 TCI tones encompass a specific “color space” and there are no cross-over colors. This is possible because of the way we evaluate the three color dimensions, which allows us to produce the world's most accurate and reputable color analysis results! 

Ready  to  Discover Your Colors?

Use the form below to schedule your analysis!


What's Included

  • A Comprehensive Personal Color Analysis session using calibrated professional color drapes

  • An Explanation of the TCI Method and Color Theory

  • A Simple makeup application, suggestions and links in your seasonal tone

  • A Portrait photo in your most memorable drape

  • A Post-Analysis Email, including:

    • A written explanation of your seasonal tone 

    • A guide to using your color swatch book with ease

    • And other digital tools to help you on your color journey

  • An archival-quality canvas swatch book color tool and cover with your 65+ perfect colors

    • The largest and most accurate personal color tool in the world ($90 value from True Colour International)



Standard PCA - $295

$275/person for 2+ people

Youth PCA - $150

under 14, makeup/swatch book

not included​

Gentleman​'s PCA - $225

Color Revision 

Already had you colors done & curious about reanalyzing your palette? Use the contact form below to request more info!



  • In order to have the most accurate analysis, a natural appearance is important

    • Avoid self-tanner and burning from excessive sun exposure within 5 days of your analysis

    • All makeup will be removed for the analysis​​

    • If you wear glasses, they will need to be taken off during the analysis. If you are concerned that you will be unable to see clearly and have contact lenses, please feel free to wear those instead.

  • Please do not wear heavy perfume or cologne​

  • Friends and family are encouraged to come along as observers; the process is quite fascinating to see!​ Due to the consultation length it is recommended that children under 10 do not attend unless supervised by another adult

  • Come ready to relax, learn, and have fun!


Studio located in Lincoln, Nebraska

Info Submitted!

Meet  Meriah

Hey there! I'm Meriah, a Spring turned True Autumn who has a fire inside to help others find their true colors! I found color analysis in 2017 when I was evaluated using the 4-season method and was typed a Spring. I lived that way for 5 years, embracing all the high chroma colors, but had some lingering questions about how color analysis worked. 

I traveled to Dallas in 2021 to learn more about TCI and got my colors done by a TCI Certified Color Analyst. I was SHOCKED when she said I was a True Autumn! I was taken by surprise, even had a hard time soaking it all in but the harmony was undeniable!

Though I love the colors of Spring, the 100% warmth of Spring resonates with the 100% warm of True Autumn, looking back I can see that the high chroma of Spring colors were overpowering and "stole the show" from my natural features! 
Meriah, owner of Color Coated
Meriah in Dallas getting TCI Certified
This experience fueled that fire inside, and I am committed to helping others find the colors that enhance their natural beauty, instead of hide it away. So, in 2022 I trained to become a TCI Certified Personal Color Analyst and later that year became the first to offer this service in the Lincoln, Nebraska.

I firmly believe the True Colour International Method is the most highly accurate color analysis approach in the world and I hope to be part of your color journey! 

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